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Enjoy images of LA's most memorable weird moments.

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<![CDATA[Half-Marathoner Lost for 12 Hours]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 11:33:10 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/120516+marathon+runner+gets+lost.jpg
Melissa Kitcher had full intentions of completing her first half-marathon Sunday, but it's safe to say she pictured it ending a little bit differently. Kitcher went missing for nearly 12 hours after running off...

Photo Credit: SNN-TV]]>
<![CDATA[NYC Subway Rat vs. Dinner Roll]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 05:10:50 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/dinner+roll+rat.jpg
This so-called Roll Mole is giving Pizza Rat a run for its money. A rat was recorded dragging a comically large dinner roll on the subway tracks on the Upper East Side last Thursday, another sign of the...

Photo Credit: Christian Waugh]]>
<![CDATA[Santa Claws: Beaver Picks Through Christmas Decor at Dollar Store]]> Thu, 01 Dec 2016 05:53:14 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/20161130+Beaver+Thumb.jpg
When it's time to decorate your dam, you have to hit the store.

Photo Credit: St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office]]>
<![CDATA[Werewolf, Gorilla And Santa All Caught on Trail Camera]]> Thu, 01 Dec 2016 04:42:09 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_trailcam1130_1920x1080.jpg
A Kansas police trail camera was set up after reports of mountain lion sightings and yielded some hilarious surprises.

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<![CDATA[French 'Spiderman' Scales Skyscrapers Harness-Free]]> Mon, 28 Nov 2016 08:25:13 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/180*120/20161124_Spain_1.jpg
Alain Robert, 54, has a lifelong passion for scaling skyscrapers and other structures with only his hands and a good pair of climbing shoes despite his frequent arrests by police for unauthorized stunts.

Photo Credit: Manu Fernandez/AP]]>
<![CDATA[Bear With Sweet Tooth Raids Refrigerator]]> Wed, 23 Nov 2016 18:09:19 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/BearFridge1123_MP4_1200x675_816234051881.jpg
A large bear had a big sweet tooth when it raided a Florida refrigerator in a holiday feast caught on camera.]]>
<![CDATA[Runaway Bull Takes 5-Mile Trek Through Philly]]> Tue, 22 Nov 2016 21:32:24 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Bull+on+Interstate+95+Sixerschix.jpg
A young bull escaped from a Philadelphia slaughterhouse Tuesday afternoon, leading police on a chase past a city high school and down Interstate 95.The bovine broke free from a truck outside the Saba...

Photo Credit: SixersChix
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<![CDATA[Thrill Seeker Bungee Dunks Cookie 240 Feet, Breaks Record]]> Fri, 18 Nov 2016 03:19:29 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Screen-Shot-2016-11-17-at-5.00.42-PM.jpg
Simon Berry just wanted a cookie, his tea and a little thrill. The 24-year-old combines the three in a record-breaking bungee dunk for 240 feet with a perfect aim for Guinness World Records Day.

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<![CDATA[2-Hour Wait for Gold Toilet]]> Wed, 16 Nov 2016 08:26:21 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/GOLD_AP_16259825556036.jpg
Patrons at the Guggenheim are standing in line for up to two hours to use the bathroom at the Fifth Avenue museum, but they don't seem to mind the wait. Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan replaced the toilet in...

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<![CDATA[Man Accused of Terrorizing El Segundo With Air Horn]]> Mon, 14 Nov 2016 17:11:30 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/222*120/air-horn-el-segundo-mug.jpg
A man with an air horn that sounds like a train has allegedly been terrorizing the residents of El Segundo for weeks, and police have just made an arrest after finding the man accused of the noise with air horn...

Photo Credit: El Segundo Police Department]]>
<![CDATA[Woman Sues Zara Over Dead Rat]]> Tue, 15 Nov 2016 16:26:26 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/GettyImages-4542614291.jpg
A Manhattan woman is suing Spanish fashion retailer Zara after she says she found a rat sewn into a dress she bought at one of their stores. In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court last week, 24-year-old...

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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<![CDATA[Fungus Furniture]]> Mon, 14 Nov 2016 11:47:17 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/217*120/Screen+Shot+2016-11-14+at+9.49.04+AM.png
Ecovative Design on Green Island, New York, is taking an unusual approach to making their furniture by growing their building boards from mycelium instead of using wood, metal or other conventional materials.]]>
<![CDATA[Former Treasure Hunter Refuses to Tell Court Location of Missing Gold Coins]]> Mon, 07 Nov 2016 10:19:03 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/179*120/11.07.16_Tommy-Thompson-Treasure.PNG
An ex-deep sea treasure hunter is faking memory problems and intentionally deceiving authorities about the location of missing coins minted from gold from an 1857 shipwreck, a federal judge has ruled.]]>
<![CDATA[2 'Very Heavy' Bronze Elephant Statues Stolen in Ventura]]> Thu, 03 Nov 2016 11:17:17 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/222*120/knbc-stolen-elephant-statues-vc.jpg
A pair of hulking elephant statues each worth more than $4,000 have gone missing from a Ventura County property, and police are asking for the public's help with tracking them down.

Photo Credit: Ventura County Sheriff's Department]]>
<![CDATA[Panda Wrestles Zoo Intruder]]> Mon, 31 Oct 2016 15:48:13 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/panda+man.jpg
A man sneaked into a giant panda enclosure at a zoo in southeast China and ended up wrestling with a panda. Chinese state broadcaster CCTV showed surveillance video of the incident.

Photo Credit: EBU]]>
<![CDATA['So So Sorry' for Stealing Car]]> Mon, 31 Oct 2016 06:55:20 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_subaru1028_1920x1080.jpg
One woman was lucky enough to have her car stolen — not by a thief, but by someone who was just a bit confused. Erin Hatzi of Portland, Oregon, had her red Subaru stolen right out of her driveway Tuesday night...

Photo Credit: KGW-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Accidentally Stolen Vehicle Returned]]> Sat, 29 Oct 2016 19:30:32 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_subaru1028_1920x1080.jpg
What seemed like a simple car theft in Portland, Oregon ended up being much more.

Photo Credit: KGW-TV]]>
<![CDATA['Flintstone House' Listed on Airbnb]]> Fri, 28 Oct 2016 20:57:56 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/flintstonehouse.jpg
The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Northern California is striking for its amorphous dome shapes made of wire and shotcrete. Now listed on the short-term rentals site, visitors can spend a few nights...]]>
<![CDATA[After Weeklong Search, Man Presumed Dead in Mansion Fire]]> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 21:18:20 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/215*120/10-21-2016-mansion-fire-mount-washington.JPG
After searching seven days through the charred debris of a Mount Washington mansion destroyed in a fire, firefighters said Thursday they presume the owner of the home is dead even though they have found no human...

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Keeping Up With the Bones: Hilarious Halloween Decorations ]]> Mon, 31 Oct 2016 15:30:53 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/cover-et-bones-102616.jpg

Photo Credit: Keeping Up With the Bones Facebook Page]]>
<![CDATA[Cubs Win Yearbook Prediction]]> Wed, 02 Nov 2016 22:27:02 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/michael+lee.png
There have been a lot of signs pointing to 2016 being the Cubs’ year, but this may be the wildest yet. Back in 1993, one Chicago Cubs fan predicted in his high school yearbook that the team would win the...

Photo Credit: Marcos Meza
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<![CDATA[Clown Masks, Gun Spotted at Mall]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 10:43:36 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/180*120/clownfile.jpg
Three men clutching two clown masks and a gun were spotted by a security guard at the Westfield San Francisco Centre Sunday, police said. The guard was conducting a routine sweep outside one of the mall's...

Photo Credit: Getty Images, File]]>
<![CDATA[Half-Naked Intruder Scares Boy With BB Gun]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:11:22 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_nakedintruder1021_1920x1080.jpg
A half naked drunk woman walked into Michigan home and played with the family dog while young boy hides under his bed with BB gun and calls 911.

Photo Credit: WDIV]]>
<![CDATA[Bear Gets Behind the Wheel, Crashes Car]]> Thu, 20 Oct 2016 09:13:14 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_bearcar1020_1920x1080.jpg
Colorado deputies shocked to find bear behind the wheel of car after it slams into tree.

Photo Credit: KUSA]]>
<![CDATA[Pop-Up Snake Shocks Driver]]> Wed, 19 Oct 2016 12:22:35 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_carsnakea_1920x1080.jpg
Large snake slithers out of car's engine compartment and onto Florida man's windshield as he's driving.

Photo Credit: WFLA]]>
<![CDATA[Halloween Treat: A Night in Dracula's Castle]]> Mon, 17 Oct 2016 09:52:26 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/180*120/AP_16291141063733.jpg
Dracula's castle will have overnight guests on Halloween, marking the first time since 1948 that anyone has slept in the Transylvanian fortress. The site's actual name in Bran Castle, and two people will get to...

Photo Credit: AP]]>
<![CDATA[Stunning View of Castle Floating on Bed of Clouds]]> Mon, 17 Oct 2016 08:42:18 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Castle_In_The_Clouds_REDO_1200x675_786210883946.jpg
Early risers in western Japan got a meteorologically stunning visual treat Friday morning. Cameras were rolling as people in Ono were able to witness Echizen Ono Castle appearing to float on a bed of clouds for...

Photo Credit: NTV-NNN-JAPAN]]>
<![CDATA[Creepy, Scary Clown Sightings Across the Country]]> Fri, 07 Oct 2016 09:32:12 -0800 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/218*120/10-12-14_wasco+clown.jpg
Frightening clown encounters and social media threats are flooding police departments and schools nationwide. Here's a look at some of the many reported incidents across the country.

Photo Credit: @RealWascoClown/Twitter]]>