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Family Hatches Four-Legged Duckling



    (Published Wednesday, July 16, 2014)

    Hatching animals is nothing new to one Sulphur, Louisiana, family, but they were surprised when one of their young ducklings was a little different.

    The duckling has not two but four legs.

    Claude Aucoin told KPLC that he has hatched more than 1,000 ducks in his lifetime, but he was shocked with this surprise.
    The duckling grew a fan base when Aucoin's daughter, Kylie, quickly exposed the duck, who goes by Donald, on social media.
    This little duck has shocked everyone who has encountered him, and when the family is asked how this happened, they said it must have been a birth defect.
    Luckily, the duck is in no harm and gets around fine even with his extra legs.