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<![CDATA[I-Team Investigates Driver of Bus in Crash]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 21:13:25 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/180*120/AP_16297854310445.jpg Joel Grover investigates for the NBC4 News at 5 on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016.

Photo Credit: AP]]>
<![CDATA[PM Forecast: Wild Wet Weather in SoCal]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 20:58:26 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/PM_Forecast_Wild_Wet_Weather_in_SoCal_1200x675_792697923847.jpg The next two days of the week will be dry, but unstable weather is possible over the weekend. Fritz Coleman has the forecast for Monday, Oct. 24, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[Casino in Palm Springs Bus Crash]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 20:53:01 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/161*120/palm-springs-casino.JPG The Red Earth Casino was described as "somber" following the deadly crash involving a tour bus that had stopped there before before hitting a big-rig in Palm Springs and killing 13 people. Vikki Vargas reports for the NBC4 News at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016.

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Authorities Investigating Driver's Actions Before Bus Crash]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 21:03:26 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/180*120/AP_16297854310445.jpg Authorities are looking through security video at the Red Earth Casino, the destination of a tour bus that crashed into a big-rig and killed 13 people and injured 31 others in Palm Springs, to determine whether or not the driver of the bus was inside the casino instead of catching up on sleep before the crash. Kim Baldonado reports for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016.

Photo Credit: AP]]>
<![CDATA[Man and Woman Shot to Death in Winnetka Home]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 20:54:03 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/215*120/161024-winnetka-double-shooting.JPG A gunman remains on the loose after killing a couple in their 20s in their Winnetka home. Gordon Tokumatsu reports for the NBC4 News at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016.

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Deputy Dies in Pursuit Crash]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 21:05:13 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/255*120/Fallen+deputy.JPG A police sergeant on his way to assist in a stolen car pursuit died in the line of duty Monday. John Cádiz Klemack reports for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[Cute Pandas Celebrate 100 Days]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 17:25:44 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Cute_Pandas_Celebrate_100_Days_1200x675_792690755535.jpg Twin panda cubs in a zoo in southwest China have celebrated their first 100 days of life. They feasted on a specially made cake at a party of visitors.

Photo Credit: APTN]]>
<![CDATA[High School Students Help Puppy]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 17:31:28 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/High_School_Students_Help_Puppy_1200x675_792692291730.jpg A group of high school students in New York are wheeling for answers as they hope to help a puppy walk. Claire, a Havanese puppy, was born with a birth defect that affects her ability to walk. Christopher Lallier's Drawing and Engineering class at Oriskany High School are desiging and building a custom wheelchair for the pup.

Photo Credit: WKTV-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Adorable Anteaters Make Debut In Zoo]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 17:34:06 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Adorable_Anteaters_Make_Debut_In_Zoo_1200x675_792699459609.jpg Two anteaters rescued from the Amazon have made their public debut at a zoo in Peru, winning over the hearts of visitors and zookeepers alike. The pygmy anteaters named Freddy and Paulina measure just 5 inches and weigh less than one pound. They are believed to be the smallest of their species in the world. Zoo officials hope to use their anteater species to promote a conservation program.

Photo Credit: RTV]]>
<![CDATA[Beloved Aunt Killed in Palm Springs Bus Crash]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 21:01:37 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Beloved_Aunt_Killed_in_Palm_Springs_Bus_Crash_1200x675_792720963978.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Man Dressed As Tree Blocks Traffic]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 18:15:46 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Man_Dressed_As_Tree_Blocks_Tree_1200x675_792697924000.jpg It wasn't quite "tree"-son, but a man in Maine was arrested for dressing in dozens of branches to block traffic on Monday afternoon. Portland police arrested the man after he walked back-and-forth slowly through downtown traffic dressed as a tree. Police took him to jail on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a public way. Police say the man's motivation was to "see how people would react to his performance" and how it would "impact people's natural choreography."

Photo Credit: WCSH-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Speed, Fatigue Among Top Contributors to Bus Crashes]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 18:11:23 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Bus_Crash_Speed_Sleep_1200x675_792486979992.jpg A 2013 NBC4 I-Team investigation found that speed and sleepiness are among the top causes of casino bus crashes. Joel Grover investigates for the NBC4 News at 11 on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016. ]]> <![CDATA[Red Shoes Murder Suspect Found Guilty]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 20:59:14 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Red_Shoes_Murder_Suspect_Found_Guilty_1200x675_792697923844.jpg Two men were convicted of first-degree murder for the death of a developmentally disabled young man shot because his killers thought his red shoes were a sign of a gang affiliation. Ted Chen reports for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[Mother Who Loved Casinos Died in Bus Crash]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 20:55:33 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/273*120/Margarita+Aguilera.JPG The family of one of the victims in a deadly tour bus crash in Palm Springs remembered a "lovely" woman with a big personality whose smile would light up the room. Mekahlo Medina reports for the NBC4 News at 4 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016. ]]> <![CDATA[Truck Driver Grateful to Be Alive After Deadly Tour Bus Crash]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 15:13:30 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Truck_Driver_Grateful_to_Be_Alive_After_Deadly_Tour_Bus_Crash_1200x675_792583747560.jpg The truck driver who survived a deadly tour bus crash in Palm Springs says he is grateful to be alive. Vikki Vargas reports for the NBC4 News at 11 on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016. ]]> <![CDATA[Therapy Donkeys Help Seniors And Children]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 12:49:25 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/donkey1.jpg Ken Parker runs a non-profit called "Therapy Donkeys" out of Butter Nut Ridge Farm in Peru, New York. Parker says he takes the donkeys to senior centers and nursing homes several times each month. He also holds several programs for children at the farm especially those who have special needs. Parker says the donkeys make great therapy animals because they are kind and smart.

Photo Credit: WPTZ-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Police Help Deer Caught In Headlights]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 12:33:21 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Deer_Caught_In_Headlights_1200x675_792408131952.jpg Police rescued a deer that was literally caught in headlights in Westerville, Ohio. They say the animal ran out onto a road and then stopped when he saw all the headlights of cars heading his way. Officers stopped, grabbed a broom and helped usher the scared guy back to the side of the road. The deer then took back off into a wooded area.

Photo Credit: Westerville Police Department]]>
<![CDATA[Shotgun Wedding: Get Married And Get A Gun]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 12:57:36 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/vlcsnap-2016-10-24-14h55m50s59.jpg Thacker Jewelry in Lubbock, Texas is hosting their annual Shotgun Wedding Sale next week where customers who buy a ring will get a gun for free.

Photo Credit: KLBK-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Sheriff's Department Mourns Sergeant]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 12:21:30 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Sheriff_Sergeant_Death_1200x675_792411715701.jpg A 27-year member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department died Monday morning after what might have been a medical emergency. Annette Arreola reports for the NBC4 News at 11 a.m. on Monday Oct. 27, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[Skechers Friendship Walk]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 01:09:36 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/259*120/skechers-friendship-walk.JPG The NBC4 team took part in the Skechers Friendship Walk between the Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach Piers. Adrian Arambulo reports for the NBC4 News at 11 on Sunday, Oct. 24, 2016.

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[PM Forecast: Damp Ride to Work]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:30:19 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/PM_Forecast_Damp_Ride_to_Work_1200x675_792056387662.jpg Commuters can expect a damp ride to work. Anthony Yanez reports for the NBC4 News at 11 on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016. ]]> <![CDATA[Rescue Mission Links Homeless With Hot Showers]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:24:54 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/188*120/life+connected+mobile+showers.JPG The San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission is bringing showers to the streets. Angie Crouch reports for the NBC4 News at 11 on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016. ]]> <![CDATA[Families Wait to Learn Identities of Those Killed in Tour Bus Crash]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:09:11 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/tour-bus-crash-102319.PNG Grieving families of the tour bus crash victims are now arriving at the coroner's office for the grim and awful task of identifying their loved ones. Kate Larsen reports for the NBC4 News at 11 on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016.

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Officials Struggle to Identify 13 Killed in Deadly Tour Bus Crash]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:03:42 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/tour-bus-crash-102319.PNG The California Highway Patrol is struggling to identify those who were killed and injured in a tour bus crash because some of the ID’s are not valid. Jane Yamamoto reports for the NBC4 News at 11 on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016.

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Tribute Held for Passengers Killed in Deadly Bus Crash]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 23:53:30 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/212*120/candles-instagram.JPG Mourners gathered at a Koreatown bus stop to remember those killed in a deadly tour bus crash. Rick Montanez reports for the NBC4 News at 11 on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016.

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Candlelight Memorial Held for Victims of Deadly Tour Bus Crash]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 23:08:08 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/212*120/candles-instagram.JPG A candlelight memorial is growing at a bus stop in Koreatown after the tour bus crashed in the Palm Springs area before arriving at its destination. Rick Montanez reports for the NBC4 News at 9 on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016.

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[The Challenge Hero of the Night: Officers Mike Gissel and Tom Moore]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 22:33:27 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/CHAL_HEROES_FONTANA_NEW_1200x675_792031811742.jpg The Fontana Police Department's DUI unit is cracking down in force. Two of the city's finest, Mike Gissel and Tom Moore, are doing their best to keep the streets safe. Originally aired on The Challenge, October 23, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[Truck Driver Who Survived Deadly Tour Bus Crash Speaks Out]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 21:29:25 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/215*120/161023-bruce-palm-springs-truck-driver.JPG A truck driver who survived a deadly tour bus crash on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016, said he is "blessed" to be alive.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of David Hirschfield]]>
<![CDATA[California Police Cruiser Hit by Gunfire During Pursuit]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 20:54:20 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/209*120/161023-madera-police-cruiser.jpg Dashboard camera footage from a California police cruiser shows the officer pursuing a white SUV. Passengers can be seen firing several rounds at the officer's vehicle.]]> <![CDATA[Man Shot by Police in Echo Park]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 11:30:50 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Man_Shot_by_Police_in_Echo_Park_1200x675_791828547533.jpg Police shot a man in Echo Park after a gas station fight. Marin Austin reports for Today in LA on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[Raw Video: Deadly Tour Bus Crash Leaves 13 Dead]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 10:48:47 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Raw_Video_Deadly_Tour_Bus_Crash_Leaves_13_Dead_1200x675_791864899900.jpg Thirteen people were killed and 31 injured after a tour bus slammed into a semi-truck in the Palm Springs area Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[AM Forecast: Chance of Drizzle Sunday]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 10:39:49 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/209*120/amforecast-biggar-sunday.PNG Showers off the coast lead to a foggy Sunday and possible drizzle. David Biggar reports for Today in LA on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[NewsConference A Virtual Reality Townhall]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 08:47:49 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_Seg_4_virtual_reality_10232016_1200x675_791362627567.jpg NBC4's Conan Nolan promotes a virtual townhall Monday night 10/24/16 at 8 PM. Mekhalo Medina along with Nolan host our first virtual reality town hall on three of the biggest propositions on the November ballot.Details on how to join are on NBCLA.COM and the NBCLA APP. Just search "VR TOWN HALL"]]> <![CDATA[NewsConference Los Angeles Mayor Measure M Good for LA]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 08:40:45 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_Seg_1_Garcetti_10232016_1200x675_791367747884.jpg On the November ballot... one of the hottest measures is Measure M. It would increase the sales tax by half cent to expand public transportation. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is one of the main proponents of this measure. NBC4's Conan Nolan talks with the mayor about what would the Measure M do.]]> <![CDATA[NewsConference LA's Measure M Not So Good for Some]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 08:28:48 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_seg_3_No_on_M_10232016_1200x675_791365699740.jpg NBC4's Conan Nolan talks with opponents of Measure M. Former Los Angeles City Councilman Robert Farrell and spokesperson Damien Goodmon.]]> <![CDATA[NewsConference EXTRA Any More Political October Surprises?]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 08:26:32 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/TLA_NCXTRA_CHUCK_TODD_102316_1200x675_791364163614.jpg A look back at this week’s political highlights including the Al Smith’s dinner. It’s supposed to be a friendly roast. But what Donald Trump said exposed more of the real Trump. There is no brake pedal when it comes to Donald Trump, says Chuck Todd of Meet the Press. Plus, Arizona’s dramatic flip to a blue state. Conan asks about any more ‘October Surprises”? ]]> <![CDATA[Vigil Held for Student Gunned Down at El Monte Jack in the Box]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 00:27:43 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/209*120/Jack+in+the+Box+Victim.jpg Family and friends gathered at a vigil to remember a 25-year-old Jack in the Box employee who was killed during an attempted robbery. Kate Larsen reports for the NBC4 News at 11 on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[PM Forecast: Morning Marine Layer]]> Sat, 22 Oct 2016 22:53:28 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/PM_Forecast_Morning_Marine_Layer_1200x675_791676483891.jpg A morning marine layer is expected. Anthony Yanez reports for the NBC4 News at 6 on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016. ]]> <![CDATA[Police Search for Gunman Who Shot, Killed Man in Luxury Apartment Complex]]> Sat, 22 Oct 2016 22:02:32 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/200*120/161022-dtla-deadly-shooting.JPG Police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man inside a luxury apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles. Kate Larsen reports for the NBC4 News at 6 on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016.

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Victim's Family Begs Killer to Come Forward]]> Sat, 22 Oct 2016 23:06:28 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/209*120/Jack+in+the+Box+Victim.jpg Describing him as "hard-working," the family of a 25-year-old Jack in the Box employee killed during an attempted robbery is calling for the man's shooter to surrender to police. Jane Yamamoto reports for the NBC4 News on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[Death Investigation After Man, 7-Year-Old Child Dead in Garden Grove]]> Sat, 22 Oct 2016 22:17:47 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/200*120/161022-garden-grove-deaths.JPG A 7-year-old boy and his 62-year-old father were discovered dead in a Garden Grove home. Rick Montanez reports for the NBC4 News at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016.

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Botanical Garden Glows Orange for Halloween]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 09:58:48 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Denvers_Botanical_Garden_Glows_Orange_for_Halloween_1200x675_790853187746.jpg Halloween is on display at Denver's botanical garden.]]> <![CDATA[Firefighters Work to Contain Recycling Yard Inferno]]> Sat, 22 Oct 2016 10:56:04 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Firefighters_Contain_Recycling_Yard_Inferno_1200x675_791536195637.jpg Smoke was smelled as far away as Montclair after a massive recycling plant fire in Ontario burned overnight. Marin Austin reports for Today in LA on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[Preimplantation Genetic Testing May Help Fertility Struggles]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 08:53:35 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC-Fertility-Testing.jpg Preimplantation genetic testing before in-vitro fertilization virtually eliminates multiple births and helps patients struggling with infertility achieve pregnancy more quickly.

Photo Credit: KSL]]>
<![CDATA[AM Forecast: Cooler Start to Saturday]]> Sat, 22 Oct 2016 09:39:06 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/214*120/amforecast-biggar.PNG Saturday started out a little cooler, giving way to a cooling trend that may lead to rain. David Biggar reports for Today in LA on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[Teen Charged in 'Pink' Overdose Deaths]]> Thu, 20 Oct 2016 09:57:05 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/NC_pink_1920x1080.jpg

A Park City, Utah teenager now faces drug and endangerment charges in the deaths of two 13-year-old boys suspected of overdosing on the dangerous synthetic opioid nicknamed "pink."

The 15-year-old boy was charged Wednesday with distribution of a controlled or counterfeit substance, a second-degree felony, and reckless endangerment, a class A misdemeanor.

The charges were filed in 3rd District Juvenile Court in Summit County.

A Utah State Courts spokesman confirmed that the charges are tied to the deaths of Grant Seaver and his friend Ryan Ainsworth, who were found dead within 48 hours of each other last month.

Investigators are waiting for toxicology results to determine their causes of death.

Read more on this story at KSL.com.

Photo Credit: KSL]]>
<![CDATA[Baby Lemur Makes London Zoo Debut]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 11:14:56 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/UK_Zoo_Lemur_1200x675_790976579694.jpg

London Zoo is welcoming the first ever baby aye-aye lemur just in time for Halloween.

The creepy-looking creature was actually born on July 1 but has only emerged from its secluded nesting box for the first time this week.

The species of lemur (formally known as Daubentonia madagascariensis) are unique in that they have an unusually large middle finger and are associated with doom in their native Madagascar. Natives there believe that if an aye-aye points its long finger at you, death is not far away.

Zookeepers expressed their excitement at the birth although they only saw the baby recently as it has been hiding in its nest box.

<![CDATA[Fire Burns at Ontario Recycling Plant]]> Sat, 22 Oct 2016 00:37:55 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Fire_Burns_at_Ontario_Recycling_Plant_1200x675_791420995550.jpg A smoke advisory was issued Friday night for the Inland Empire as a fire burned through a recycling plant in Ontario. Hetty Chang reports for the NBC4 News at 11 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016.]]> <![CDATA[Father Arrested in Death of Toddler]]> Sat, 22 Oct 2016 00:21:24 -0700 http://media.nbclosangeles.com/images/213*120/Man_Arrested_in_Death_of_Toddler_Apartment_Fire_1200x675_791418435836.jpg A man was arrested after allegedly killing his toddler and was also suspected of setting a North Hollywood apartment on fire, jumping from a window and stabbing himself. Beverly White reports for the NBC4 News at 11 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016.]]>