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Weekend: Funky Streets Get Festive

Which local shops will you and your dressy pup patronize?



    Dress up your Boston and toodle down one of LA's eclectic thoroughfares.

    STROLL SILVER LAKE, ABBOT KINNEY, MELROSE... A lot of people have a list for this weekend, a list that's been either penned or thumbed, and most of those lists contain the same word: shopping. It's the frantic-est time of year, so why not make the purchasing of le stocking stuffers something celebrational? Look at all the thoroughfares around town that are doing a little something extra.

    SILVER LAKE HOLIDAY NIGHTS OUT: There'll be three of them, over three consecutive Fridays, and Friday, Dec. 3 is the first. Shops on Rowena to Hyperion will have various December-y deals and cocoa-cool songs, etc. You like this area, so support it. You don't need to bring a dog in a boa, as pictured above, but if you *have* a dog in a boa, consider it.

    LOZ FELIZ HOLIDAY FESTIVAL: If you're still in the nabe on Saturday, Dec. 4, Los Feliz is throwing its holiday festival. Again, shopping for non-run-of-the-mill products will be the order of the day, in addition to using words like "nabe" with flair.

    LESS MALL/MORE MELROSE: Groundlings goodliness and lace-up-boot badliness and all of the other things the stretch that runs from La Brea to Fairfax offers, but with a seasonal touch. Oh yeah, and if you're there, and you're over 21, and you like holiday cocktails, you'll want to stop by the Village Idiot with a bit of cash. Saturday, Dec. 4

    ABBOT KINNEY HOLIDAY WEEK: It's rounding out the weekend on Sunday, Dec. 5. Santa will make a ho-ho-show, in addition to some "holiday sights & sounds." This byway is pretty baubled out and holiday-ish year-round, so we can't wait to see all the fripperies the Venice burg'll lay out. Bet it'll be sweet. Plus, a bit of salt air adds flavor to the season.

    MORE: There are historic home tours, yes; then there are holiday-nice historic home tours that involve eating. West Adams is throwing To the Manor Reborn on Dec. 4 and 5, and there's a progressive dinner option. In Santa Barbara, they're breaking out the snow near the snow leopards and letting kids 12 and under go sledding on Sunday, Dec. 5.

    AND: Studio DNA hosts a bazaar in support of Good Shepherd Shelter on Sunday, Dec. 5; pups prance at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship on Dec. 4 and 5; and a famously tasty (and well-attended) festival bows in Indio over the weekend as well.