Beef Short Rib Yakitori Skewers

Make Beef Short Rib Yakitori Skewers like you would find at

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    CHAYA chief shows hot to make Beef Short Rib Yakitori Skewers

    Beef Short Rib Yakitori Skewers
    (serves 3)

    Provided by CHAYA Restaurant Group
    Executive Chef Shigefumi Tachibe
    Chef de Cuisine – Kazuya Matsuoka



    Beef Short Rib -------1 pound

    Carrot -------1 whole

    Onion-------1 large

    Celery ------- 2 stalks

    Whole Garlic-------1 bulb

    Water ------- 8 cups

    Teriyaki Sauce:

    Sake ------- 1 cup

    Mirin ------- 1 cup

    Soy Sauce ------- ½ cup

    Onion ------ 1 large

    Dried Seaweed ------- 5 inch piece

    Dried Chili ------- 2 pieces



    In a medium sized pot combine mirepoix (chopped carrot, onion, celery and garlic), water and short rib. Cook over medium heat for 2 hours. In the mean time combine sake, mirin, soy sauce, onion, dry seaweed and dry chili in a saucepan and heat for 1 hour on low or until sauce is reduced by one quarter. Pull off heat and strain, resulting liquid is your sauce.

    Cut meat into 1 inch sized cubes. Place 3 cubes onto each skewer. Heat a frying pan or BBQ grill and heat/grill skewer for 1 minute per side. Finish with teriyaki sauce.