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Jon Stewart Making Film About Man He Doomed to Prison and Torture



    Newsweek journalist Maziar Bahari spent 118 days in an Iranian prison enduring daily interrogations and being bullied into confessing to be a spy.

    This nightmare was visited upon him largely due to his appearance on "The Daily Show," whose host, Jon Stewart, is now planning to make the story into a motion picture, according to Pajiba.

    The folks manning the phones at Stewart's Busboy Productions said they were "directing to people to Ron Brownstein," Stewart's agent at ICM, whose assistant declined comment.

    During the protests last June of Iran's elections, Bahari, an Iranian-born journalist with Canadian citizenship, agreed to be interviewed by "Daily Show" correspondent Jason Jones, who sported a kafiya and dark glasses -- the stock uniform of a Western spy in the Middle East.

    Lacking both the requisite sense of humor or brains to realize the whole thing was a goof, Iran police picked up Bahari and threw him in jail, accusing him of being a spy for the CIA, Mossad, MI6... What followed was nearly four months of hell. He was finally freed after his case was championed by Canadian officials and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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    Not one to hold a grudge, Bahari returned to "The Daily Show."

    “You were imprisoned in Iran…” said Stewart in welcoming Bahari.

    “Yes," replied Bahari. "Because of you.”

    Super mensch that he is, Stewart has since optioned the rights to Bahari's life story, which will be told in a forthcoming book, and plans to produce a movie based on it.