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"Nutcracker in 3D" Spectacle of Unchecked Madness



    From the Andrey Konchalovsky, the acclaimed director of such beloved films as "Tango & Cash" and "Homer and Eddie" comes a 3D retelling of a classic Christmas tale starring Elle Fanning, Nathan Lane, John Turturro and Richard E. Grant.

    The trailer for the Russian-language film originally titled "Nutcracker and the Rat King," which comes to us by way of The Playlist, features all manner of terrible dubbing, large swaths of 1920s Vienna being destroyed, Turturro as a a rat-faced bleached blonde riding a motorcycle with machine guns mounted on it...

    A little light googling revealed a four-and-a-half minute promo for the film hosted by Fanning that reveals even more lunacy and the telling sign-off from the young actress, "I hope you enjoyed coming along with me and I'll meet you back here Christmas 2008."

    From this we can learn two things: 1) considering the film was finished 2+ years ago, this is almost certainly as big a mess as you think it is and 2) the 3D is garbage.