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This Week's New Movies: "The Lorax," "Project X" and More



    Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
    In an effort to win a girl's heart, a young boy goes to visit the mysterious Once-ler to learn what happened to all the trees and if he can get one. Stars the voices of Ed Helms, Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and Betty White. In theaters everywhere, read our review and watch the trailer

    Project X
    Produced by "Hangover" director Todd Phillips, a cast of unknowns star in this dumb and vaguely sexist film about a high school kid who makes one last bid for popularity by throwing a house party that goes insanely out of control. In theaters everywhere, watch the trailer

    The Assault (2012)
    A French action film about a real-life hostage situation aboard an airplane, and the incredibly risky rescue effort by a special forces unit. In limited release, read our review

    Being Flynn
    Paul Dano and Robert De Niro star as an estranged father and son who are reunited when the elder winds up staying in the homeless shelter where the younger one works. Based on Nick Flynn's moving memoir, "Another Bulls*** Night in Suck City." In limited release, watch the trailer

    Black Butterflies
    A Dutch film about real-life South African poet Ingrid Jonker, who found herself at odds with her father, who happened to be Minister of Censorship, and tried to ban her anti-apartheid poetry. In limited release, watch the trailer

    Boy (2012)
    From new Zealand comes this coming-of-age comedy about a Maori boy obsessed with Michael Jackson, whose oddball father returns from a stretch in jail. In limited release, watch the trailer

    Last Days Here
    A documentary about Bobby Liebling leader of the cult metal band Pentagram, who tries to once and for all put his music career ahead of his drug addictions. In limited release, watch a clip

    The Salt of Life
    An Italian comedy about a man in retirement who finds himself invisible to those around him and decides its time to cook up some action. In limited release, watch the trailer

    The Snowtown Murders
    Based on Australia's most notorious serial killings, the film follows a women whose boyfriend is a devious predator who takes her son under his wing. In limited release, watch the trailer

    This is Not a Film (on Wed.)
    Iranian Jafar Panahi made this film in his won home over the course of a single day, as he awaited word on his appeal of a six-year prison sentence and a 20-year ban from movie making. It was smuggled out of Iran inside a cake so it could be shown at Cannes last year. In limited release, watch the trailer

    Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
    The "Awesome Show" stars are given a billion dollars to make a film, but when the financiers hate it, the guys try to pay back the money by rehabilitating an abandoned shopping mall filled with vagrants. Features appearances from Zack Galifianakis, Will Ferrell, Jeff Goldblum and Robert Loggia. In limited release, watch the trailer