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What's really worth watching

Watch List 1/22-24: The No "Hope for Haiti" Edition



    What to watch tonight, with apologies to both George Clooney and my fellow blogger ...


    Less than a year since the last episode of "Battlestar Galactica" comes the re-unveiling of the spin-off prequel, "Caprica." You're either stoked about this or you're not -- nothing we can say will change that (and not because you think we're shilling for a sister network... which we're not). Of course tonight's episode is just an edited-down broadcast of the pilot that was released last year on DVD and digital download, but still, it marks the dawn of a new day.

    Tonight at 9 on SyFy

    The Screen Actors Guild Awards

    Look, if you watched the Golden Globes, there's no reason to turn your nose up at the SAG Awards. It's all the same people cooing over each other while wearing outfits you'll never fit into and can't afford anyway. Check out the film nominees to get yourself pumped for a night of self-congratulatory indulgence.

    Red carpet at 6 on E!, awards ceremony at 8 on TBS 

    Big Love

    While your husband and his idiot friends are in the other room hootin' and hollerin' about the Saints-Vikings game, you can fire up a new episode of your favorite polygamy drama and remind yourself how much better 16 Sundays alone is than sharing your man with a few other women who are younger and better looking than you are.

    Sunday at 9 on HBO