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Facebook Finances Revealed: Gawker



    Facebook's anticipated IPO next year has seen valuations between $50-$100 billion. If the source that fed Gawker.com some Facebook financials is correct, the growth in the past two years is staggering.

    In 2009 Facebook reportedly raked in $250 million, last year it was $500 million ... this year it's $1 billion.

    Apple undoubtedly has a bigger war chest, but has been reticent to pursue mergers or acquisitions (doesn't need to, most likely). It's also been around a lot longer, in different iterations.

    Facebook's cash (equivalent and in-hand) is $3.5 billion -- enough to gobble emerging technologies and companies to keep its push to "platform" and away from "network" running strong.

    Through the first three quarters of 2011, Facebook still has $0 debt and operating cashflow of $1 billion.

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