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Google TV's Death Greatly Exaggerated: Logitech

Logitech says there's no halt to their set-top box



    Google TV's Death Greatly Exaggerated: Logitech
    Google TV isn't doing so well.

    Google TV is having a hard time. First it was maligned by Amazon users, major networks decided to block it from using their content, then it fell victim to negative side of Internet rumors, mainly its latest technology was on the way out.

    So once it was reported that Google told Logitech International to stop manufacturing its Revue, a set-top box to use Google TV, so Google could revamp its TV system, it seemed as if there was something to all the naysaying.

    Not so, according to a Logitech spokeswoman who also said the company would continue to make the boxes, high-definition TV webcam and minicontroller for Google TV. Ashish Arora, vice president and general manager of Logitech's digital home group, called the speculation and rumors "puzzling" on the company blog. in a post called, "All's Well With Logitech Revue."

    "Those familiar with our product know that we don’t need to modify the Logitech Revue box to deliver software enhancements. Each of our customers will receive periodic over-the-air updates whenever Google and Logitech release changes to the Google TV platform," he wrote. "Logitech and Google continue to have a collaborative, effective working relationship as we listen to consumer feedback and work together on enhancements to the Google TV platform."

    Earlier this month, the Google TV Blog reported that it would release over-the-air updates to Google TV, as well as announced its latest partnership with Netflix that opens its entire catalog to users, a new Google TV remote application for Android phones and a new movie results page to search for certain cast members ( . . .like Kevin Bacon.") Google TV also unveiled its dual view, where users can watch television and use the Internet on the same screen.