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Hipster Business: 'Weird People Doing Weird Stuff'



    Keys to Success for Hipster Entrepreneurs

    Rohin Dhar, author of "Hipster Business Models," describes how hipster entrepreneurs are discovering new industries. (Published Friday, April 3, 2015)

    Rohin Dhar, founder and chief executive of Priceonomics, as well as author or "Hipster Business Models," said that a perfect example of the Hipster Business Model is a man claiming he sold jellyfish tanks -- even when he had no tanks or experience selling or creating jellyfish tanks.

    "He bought some Google Ads and put up a website, and then someone called him up and said, 'Hey, we need a $25,000 jellyfish tank,'" he told Press:Here. The man, credited in the book, learned the hard way, but eventually created a $500 version of a jellyfish tank and helped launch the home jellyfish aquarium market.

    "(A hipster) is a young person who realizes it’s not that hard to at least start a company right now," Dhar said. "They start a company, tech or no tech. Why not try it and see?"

    Most of these businesses tend to start small without a lot of devastating losses, but can be getting a "hipster" closer to his or her dream of creating an app, a coffee shop, a beard cream, or jellyfish tanks. "It’s weird people doing weird stuff," he said.