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The iOS 6 Wifi Bug and How to Fix It

New iOS's sometimes come with small bumps.



    Less than 24 hours after iOS 6 hit the public, people are flooding the web with things they like and don't like about the new system.

    No one tests a new product better than the public, and the public was quick to find a bug when it comes to connecting to a wifi network.

    Initially the system gives users a problem when trying to connect to a wifi network. It appears to work, but then quickly drops and brings up a "Log in" screen that takes the user to an Apple page that can't be found.

    Fear not good readers, there is a fix! 

    Here are some things to try to solve this wifi issue:

    • Reboot your device with the on/off switch

    • Reset network settings (General–>Reset–>Reset Network Settings)

    • Select your network and tap “Forget this Network”

    • Select your network and tap “Renew Lease”

    • Toggle Airplane Mode on/off

    • Try restoring and reinstalling iOS 6 in iTunes

    A few of us here at NBC Bay Area had this issue, and found Resetting the Network Settings and Renewing the Network Lease, both worked.

    There is a thread rolling over at Apple Communities if you're still having issues.

    UPDATE: TUAW reports the issue stems from the wifi pinging a page on, that was either overwhelmed today, or just plain broken.  The issue was reportedly resolved by Wednesday evening.


    h/t iPhone in Canada