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A Tale of Two Price Hikes: His Salary, Their Tuition



    Two months after he was named the new president of San Diego State University and before he even gets a chance to settle in as Stephen Weber’s replacement, Elliot Hirshman finds himself smack in the middle of a compensation controversy. 

    The California State Board of Trustees is set to vote this week on whether to pay Hirshman $100,000 more per year than his predecessor.

    If approved, Hirshman would earn $400,000 annually. 

    When you take into consideration that a recent study by the chancellor found Cal State presidents are underpaid compared to peers, receiving 52-percent of the pay of chief executives at similar institutions, the jump may seem reasonable.

    However, timing is everything.

    The vote on Tuesday comes the same day the board considers a 12% tuition hike for students.

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