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Meg and Carly Wonder, What Do Women Want?



    One of the more surprising findings of the recent Public Policy Institute of Californiapoll on the governor's and U.S. Senate Republican primaries that the two women running (Meg Whitman for governor; Carly Fiorina for senate) are doing better among male voters than among women voters.

    Out an abundance of the sort of strategic male cowardice that keeps marriages (including my own) in tact, I will not offer any comment in my own voice about the reasons why women aren't rallying behind these women. Other than to say two things:

    1. The opportunity to make history doesn't seem to matter much to women voters. California Republicans have never nominated a woman for the governorship or a Senate seat.

    2. Whitman and Fiorina each seem to be having trouble with voters like Kyp Hughes, of Camp Pendleton, who is quoted in this Sacramento Bee story as saying she doesn't care much that women are running. "It does not matter to me at all," Hughes said. "I prefer a gentleman anyway. My husband's in the Marine Corps. I think that in some things they're a lot stronger and more sound. It's personal preference – unless it was Sarah Palin. I'd be for her no matter what."