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Prop Zero Links: Tuesday, Aug. 10



    Bidder on the Rooftop: AB 635 sets new requirements when it comes to a flawed bidding system for public school roofing projects. [Sacramento Bee]

    Fiorina Supporter Goes After Boxer on Business: The president of a manufacturers group likens her approach to businesses to the barbaric behavior of the Huns. [OC Register]

    Maywood Wants a Divorce:
    Even a political marriage is on shaky ground when one partner is terrible with money. [LA Times]

    State IOUs as Payment:
    They could be used for things like taxes, vehicle registration and fishing licenses if a La Mesa Assmeblyman's bill passes. [Union-Tribune]

    Teachers Dimissed for Incompatible Beliefs:
    The Press-Enterprise reports the Corona teachers' differences in "religious belief and biblical interpretation" led to the dismissals. [Press-Enterprise]

    Ready, Set, Solar:
    Several major solar power plant proposals, most for the Mojave Desert, are in the works. [California Watch]

    Same-Sex Couples and the IRS: The Legislature passes a resolution asking that same-sex couples be taxed the same as heterosexual couples. [Sacramento Bee]