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State Mulls Snuffing out Smoking Parks, Beaches



    Smokers across the state may find their find themselves with fewer places to light up as Governor Schwarzenegger decides today whether or not to sign Bill SB 4 into law.  

    Under this new law it would be illegal to light up on any state beach or unit of the state park system. If passed the district superintendent of the state park system will begin the process of posting signs informing the public of this new law.  Until those signs are posted, warnings would be handed out.  But once the signs go up you best keep that lighter in your pocket.  The fine for lighting up? $100.

    Smokers may find some solace in the fact that this new law would not include the parking lots adjacent the state coastal beaches and parks.

    Officially the Governor's office has yet to take a position on SB 4.  But by the end of the day we should know whether or not state beaches and parks will be smoke free.