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Dodgers' Kemp Goes Boom, Bang, Sprain In Return

Dodgers' Kemp was 3-4 with a home run, but could be heading back to the DL



    The Dodgers have now played in 97 games this season, but their center fielder, Matt Kemp, has missed 35 of them with injuries to injuries with his hamstring, shoulder, and now possibly his ankle. But wait, didn't Kemp just return from the Disabled List on Sunday?

    It goes like this. With the Dodgers winning 9-2 in the ninth inning, Matt Kemp was at third base with bases loaded and two outs. A grounder to first base appeared to end the inning and Kemp was pretty much watching the play unfold, until Adam LaRoche decided to throw to home for the force out.

    Kemp then rushed the last few steps to get home, was thrown out and in the process stepped on Kurt Suzuki's foot. The awkward landing rolled his ankle in one of those plays that you watch over and over, hoping that it will not look as bad as the time before, when in reality it looks worse each time.

    Steve Lyons and Eric Collins had nothing to offer on the broadcast other than, "Matt Kemp landed awkwardly at home plate." The broadcasters fell silent for five seconds as we were tortured with images of Kemp on the ground, screaming out in pain leading into the commercial break.

    Kemp was playing a fantastic game, the best of his injury-plagued season in fact. He went 3-4 with a home run, double, single, a walk and three RBI. He has just two other three-hit games this season, with one RBI combined from them.

    The superstar center fielder has not impressed much this season, but Sunday's return gave fans a hopeful feeling that he may be "back." After the game it was announced he does not need X-rays, and he should avoid the DL, but no timetable for return has been announced yet.

    At least the Dodgers won the game 9-2, keeping their 0.5 game deficit in the NL West.

    Immediately following the play at the plate Twitter exploded in a mass of anger, sadness, frustration and, of course, sarcasm. This brings us to a special "Matt Kemp's Injury" edition of:

    Tweets From #Dodgers Nation

    Literally, ten minutes before the injury fans were celebrating his fantastic 3-4 return

    First, there was disbelief.

    Second, sad faces everywhere.

    There was too much sadness going around, so it was time get angry at Matt Kemp.

    Of course we could just blame Don Mattingly for this. But Andrew, you forgot the ever-popular #FireMattingly hashtag!

    I can get on the "Blame Brandon League" train. If he had just struck out to end the inning (like he was supposed to!) instead of walking, this would have never happened!

    This was posted in yesterday's game recap, and is obviously the cause for his injury. Curse you, @ESPNMag!