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Twitter Explodes After Dodgers Sign Wilson

Apparently Brian Wilson is a traitor in San Francisco



    To say that the Dodgers signing of ex-Giant Brian Wilson on Tuesday caused a stir on Twitter is quite the understatement. Dodger and Giant fans alike came out with fighting words, not afraid to express their feelings on what has turned out to be a pretty controversial signing.

    Dodger fans were wary about accepting one of the biggest villains from their northern rivals onto their roster, while Giants fans felt betrayed that Wilson would choose to play for the dreaded Dodgers. Wilson is a player with a big personality, the kind of guy that the home team defends and loves, while opposing fans cringe at the sight.

    Also, in case you have not heard yet, Brian Wilson has a big-ole, gnarly beard which was also a popular topic of discussion. Overall, it was not a pretty scene, but here is a compilation of (expletive-free) tweets that seemed to sum up the Twitter outburst.

    Tweets From #Dodgers Nation: Brian Wilson Trade Edition

    While many were angry, there were still plenty willing to welcome Wilson to LA.

    Can we just leave "Fear the Beard" in San Francisco? I really don't want to be seeing this all the time.

     That goes for you too, Alyssa Milano.

     Sorry, Kevin, but I don't think that Alyssa is your best source for baseball analysis.

     A blue beard? Please, no.

      That's more like it…

     Lather, rinse, repeat…probably the same way Wilson washes that beard

      The Giants fans sure got riled up! Accusations of betrayal abound!

     Or maybe he wanted to play for a contender again?

    Of course, more about that awful beard

     Let me just leave this here…one of many tweets about Brian Wilson, Trader.

    We are about two weeks away from seeing Brian Wilson make his debut in Los Angeles, it will be interesting to see how Dodger fans react. Also the Dodgers will play in San Francisco September 24-26, and who knows how Giants fans will react when Wilson takes the mound there!