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Dwight Howard Does His Steve Nash Batman Impression

Video of Lakers' Dwight Howard doing a hilarious impression of Steve Nash on the court sounding like Batman.



    Dwight Howard Does Steve Nash Batman Impression

    Lakers' center Dwight Howard describes Steve Nash at Lakers' practice in El Segundo on Jan. 17, 2013. (Published Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013)

    At Wednesday’s Lakers' practice, Dwight Howard revealed that he calls point guard Steve Nash “Batman” and “Dark Night” because of the way he changes his voice on the court.

    Howard demonstrated Nash’s Christian Bale-like voice to humorous effect, and he claimed that the nickname had nothing to do with Nash’s “Bat-Sanity” work out video.

    For those who are unaware, Nash has some rather funny parodies floating around, and one of those is a video that describes a dark time in Batman’s life when he was over-weight and sitting home alone drinking. 

    The video leads to Batman starting a workout plan called “Bat-Sanity” and losing the weight. 

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    Considering the soft voice and mild manners Nash displays off the court, it is hard to imagine the Canadian point guard is behind the mask in the workout video, but he is.

    Howard, however, said he was unaware of the workout videos when he gave Nash the nickname.

    The Lakers’ center clarified that Nash is soft-spoken off the court with the media and his teammates alike, but one the court, his voice transforms to a level that even Christian Bale would be impressed with. 

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    Not sure what Bale’s voice sounds like as Batman? 

    Here is a compilation of Bale doing his best Steve Nash impression.