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Kobe Bryant Out for Season?

On All-Star Sunday, Kobe Bryant described his timeline for recovery, and that timeline puts his season in jeopardy.



    Kobe Bryant was the only representative of the Los Angeles Lakers at the 2014 NBA All-Star Game, as Bryant was voted in by the fans. However, he was unable to take part in the game due to a fractured knee, but Bryant provided an update on his injury that was not as positive as fans had hoped.

    “It’s coming slowly,” Bryant said about his recovery. “I’m optimistic coming out of the break I’ll have some improvements once I get back to LA, do a couple follow-ups and then go from there. But it’s been a slow process.”

    Reading between the lines, Bryant is hopeful that he will have improvements and be able to expand his workouts. Currently, Bryant is limited to exercising on a stationary bicycle. He is still a couple follow-up appointments away from even stepping on the floor, let alone playing in a game.

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    Bryant is a long way from a return, and the calendar will be flipped to March by the time he has any chance of coming back. Considering the regular season concludes on Apr. 16, the possibility that Bryant is done for the season is very real.

    “Of course. Absolutely,” Bryant responded when asked if he was concerned that his body may be giving out on him. “’It’s really the biggest challenge. It’s saying: ‘Well, maybe this is the end, but then again maybe it’s not.’ And it’s my responsibility to do all that I can to make sure that it’s not. That’s really become the biggest challenge.”

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    If Bryant does fail to reappear this season, he will have taken part in only six games, four fewer than Steve Nash. After suffering a torn Achilles, Bryant returned to the Lakers on Dec. 8 against Toronto. Ten days later, the Lakers’ legend suffered a fracture in his knee.

    In the most limited season of his career, Bryant averaged 13.8 points, 6.3 assists and 4.3 rebounds in 29.5 minutes per game. He may not be officially ruled out for the remainder of the season, but that potential reality is quickly becoming impossible to ignore.

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