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Dwight Howard Talks Justin Timberlake, Crying

A little insight into the Lakers' big fella, Dwight Howard opens up about crying during movies and his love for Justin Timberlake.



    With the final game of the season on Wednesday night, the Lakers are relying on Dwight Howard to carry them into the postseason, so what makes the Lakers superstar big man tick?

    Apparently, Howard is a massive Justin Timberlake fan.

    “I like the whole thing,” Howard said about Timberlake’s newest album. His favorite tracks are “That Girl,” “Mirrors,” and “Blue Ocean Floor.”

    However, Howard’s man-crush on Timberlake does not stop with music. Apparently, the Lakers center is a fan of Timberlake’s acting, singing, and dancing.

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    “He’s a great actor,” Howard gushed. “All his movies were really good.”

    Howard said he particularly enjoy Timberlake’s performances in "Alpha Dog," "In Time," and "Friends With Benefits." Howard said he was emotionally touched by "Anytime" and was close to tears watching the flick.

    Howard does have a softer side hiding behind the gregarious personality and colorful smiles. He said he cried during "The Notebook." Also, he said that one particular scene in "Pursuit of Happiness" with Will Smith got him to shed tears. 

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    “I’m a movie buff,” Howard proudly states. 

    "Finding Nemo" is his favorite movie, and he says he would be happy to do a voice for a puffer fish in the upcoming sequel, "Finding Dory." Howard enjoys cartoons for the laughs, but he says that he has never cried watching a cartoon. 

    When certain unnamed members of the media shared their emotional childhood breakdowns watching "The Lion King," Howard was genuinely in disbelief that people could cry watching animation.

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    “I don’t know if you could really cry off a cartoon.”

    When asked if he ever cried watching cartoons as a kid, Howard said he never watched cartoons growing up because his father did not allow it. As an adult, Howard consistently claims that he does not watch television.

    In terms of unique dietary habits, the Atlanta-native claimed he had a candy addiction that rivaled and possibly even surpassed Lamar Odom’s well-documented issue. However, after the All-Star break, Howard gave up candy entirely. No, that is not likely the reason he is playing better following the NBA’s exhibition game in Houston, but it probably didn’t hurt.

    All in all, Howard is a fun-loving guy, who enjoys smiling and laughing, but he does take his job seriously and is routinely the last Laker at practice. 

    With Kobe Bryant lost to injury, Howard is the leader of the Lakers for the remainder of the season—possibly beyond. How far they advance falls on Howard’s chiseled shoulders. All dressed up in purple and gold, this Justin Timberlake fan is ready to show LA a few things.