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No Battle For LA, Clippers Blow Out Lakers

Embarrassing does not begin to describe the Clippers' win over the Lakers in the "battle for LA."



    On Friday night, the Los Angeles Lakers were crushed by the Los Angeles Clippers.

    The battle for LA turned out to be an execution. Even sacrificial lambs stood a better chance at survival. The Lakers showed no fight and gave fans no hope of saving the season.

    What was the final score? That’s not important because it only begins to hint at how one-sided this game was.

    The Clippers came out firing, and the Lakers did not have any ammunition on either end of the court. The Clippers punched the Lakers in the mouth and kicked them while they were down over and over again. The Lakers assumed the fetal position in the first quarter, and that dominance continued for the duration of the game.

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    When the fog initially cleared at the end of the first quarter, the Lakers were down 43-25. The Clippers had shot 71 percent from the field, and the lack of defense was deplorable. The Clippers were on pace to score 172 for the game. Not that it mattered, the Clippers cooled off and only scored 27 points in the second quarter.

    At the half, the Lakers were down 70-52. Allowing 70 points for a half was inexcusable. There was little to no hope at that point because the Lakers played absolutely no defense.

    With the Lakers being notoriously poor in the third quarter, the stage was set for an epic embarrassment. On Friday night, the Lakers did not disappoint.

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    The Clippers outscored the Lakers 31-8 in the third quarter. The scoreboard read 101-60 after 36 minutes, and the largest lead at that point was 42 points. It was that bad.

    The fourth quarter did not change much, and it is probably not worth discussing further.

    For anyone who had delusions that the Lakers still had a chance to pull up their pants and get back in the race for the playoffs, Friday night provided hard evidence that this ship was sinking with no chance of repair. Tanking or not, the Lakers will hit the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

    The loss to the Clippers made it 10 losses in the last 11 games for the purple and gold. With the Grammys road trip around the corner, the Lakers are playing seven of the next eight games on the road.

    Friday night was not a good omen for what lays ahead. For the next game, everyone should follow Kobe Bryant’s lead and wear all black. These Lakers were murdered on Friday night, and the remainder of the season is a funeral.