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Metta World Had an In-Game Discussion With His Knee

Metta World Peace made his return to the Lakers on Tuesday against the Hornets, but after the game, World Peace talked about his knee in a funny way.



    Following the Lakers 104-96 victory over the New Orleans Hornets Tuesday, Metta World Peace talked to Triple Threat about his injury and described an internal monologue that took place between his complicated brain and his surgically repaired knee.

    During the first quarter, Triple Threat noticed World Peace was flexing his knee and stretching it after he made his first 3-pointer. World Peace did not come off the floor, and he did not look to the sidelines. Instead, moments after doing his knee stretches, World Peace caught a pass from Kobe Bryant and attempted a 3-point shot.

    After the game, Triple Threat asked World Peace if he felt any pain during the game and to explain those stretches.

    Per usual, World Peace offered a response that only he had the capacity to deliver.

    Metta World Peace Talking To Knee

    [LA] Funny - Metta World Peace Talks To His Knee During Lakers Game
    Metta World Peace has a conversation with his knee during the Lakers game against the Hornets on April 10, 2013.
    (Published Wednesday, April 10, 2013)

    “My knee was talking to me,” World Peace told Triple Threat. “My knee said, ‘Don’t worry about me’ because I was worried about my knee. I said, ‘Knee, you alright?’ and my knee said, ‘Don’t worry about me, I’m alright.’ We talk.”

    When asked what he said back to his knee, World Peace responded, “I said, ‘It don’t feel that good. It feels kind of sore right now.’ My knee said, ‘Stop acting like a little wuss and play.’ So, then, I started to play.”

    This conversation occurred in the first quarter against the Hornets, and World Peace would go on to play in the second half as well. He said he never talked to the training staff or any of the coaches about the soreness, but he was receiving around-the-clock treatment.

    Howard Talks About World Peace's Return To Lakers

    [LA] Metta World Peace Returns To Lakers - Dwight Howard
    Dwight Howard talks about Metta World Peace's recovery from knee surgery at Lakers shootaround on April 9, 2013.
    (Published Tuesday, April 9, 2013)

    World Peace underwent knee surgery on Mar 28, and his miraculous recovery has earned him several superhuman nicknames in the Lakers locker room. Kobe Bryant calls World Peace “Logan” or “Wolverine,” after the comic book hero gifted with superhuman powers of healing.

    Earl Clark referred to World Peace as “Superman.” Dwight Howard, who previously claimed the “Superman” nickname, had no problem with World Peace adopting that name. However, Howard said he preferred “Weapon X” to describe World Peace.

    World Peace played 15 minutes against the Hornets, and his minutes are expected to steadily increase on Wednesday night in Portland. Mike D’Antoni has consistently stated that World Peace will return to the starting lineup as soon as possible. 

    Rebounding To Blame For Lakers Loss To Clippers

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    On Tuesday, World Peace was +12 in the plus-minus statistic—the highest of any player on either team.