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Scully Credits Health, Dodgers' Success For Return

This will be Vin Scully's 65th year announcing for the team



    Growing up, watching the Dodgers was something I did because I played baseball as a kid, and I got to sit down with my dad every night for the game. I did not keep track of the team that much, in fact most of what I remember is yelling "Rauuuuuullll," calling Mike Piazza Pizza-Man (boy, was I clever), and my dad complaining that Eric Karros was the Pop-Up King.

    I did not really keep track of the players that came and went, or specific events throughout a season, but the one thing about the games that I came to love was listening to Vin Scully. For me, he represented the Dodgers more than the players on the field.

    Hearing "A very good evening to you, wherever you may be" at the start of the game or him call a 2-2 count "deuces wild" was almost more enjoyable than the game itself. He quickly became an idol of mine, and helped my passion for baseball grow.

    I know most Dodger fans feel the same, whether they are leisure fans or hardcore. He is a fan favorite and a Dodger legend. But in the last few years, whether or not Scully will return has been in question.

    After all, he is 85 years old and has been the Dodgers broadcaster for 64 years. That is why the press conference the Dodgers and Scully had on Friday was so special, as he announced his return for a 65th season.

    In the conference, Scully credited his return on his: passion for the game, good health, and thesupport of his wife.

    He said that his favorite reason for coming the games is the feeling he gets while at the stadium, "above all I have always been thrilled by the roar of the crowd" he said, "to this day, it is the crowd that does it."

    "The day something great happens and I have a ho-hum attitude about it, I should hang it up for sure," he added.

    When talking with his wife about coming back, health was one of the most important factors to his decision.

    "As long as my health is fine, and she said 'I know you love it and I know your happiest when doing it, then you might as well do it,'" he said.

    Of course the Dodgers first place standing and exciting run was probably a good help, it has been the best baseball Scully has ever seen in his 64 years of broadcasting, "I always thought the best run I would see personally was the 1955 team" he said, "in the blink of an eye they were 22-2."

    With a 45-10 record in their last 55 games, "coming to the ballpark and watching them pull out some miraculous victories…and Puig suddenly arrived and the crowd was just going bananas, it was so thrilling, even for someone who had seen however many games as I have seen before."

    When speaking candidly in the press conference about his love for the game, he expressed so much passion. It is no wonder Scully is such a joy to listen to in the booth. So here is to at least one more season with Vin Scully behind the microphone.

    Enjoy it, Dodger fans. I know I will.

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