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Lost Your Phone Under the Couch? There's an App for That



    Lost Your Phone Under the Couch? There's an App for That

    FIND YOUR PHONE: OK you've lost your iPhone somewhere in the house and spent 15 frustrating minutes looking for it. We've all been there. Now there's an app for that.

    iHound promises to help you find your lost sidekick. It works like this: after setup, you login to the iHound website and send an alert to your phone. Using the iPhone's Push Notification service, the website sends a message to the installed app triggering an alarm. The resulting noise allows you (or your annoyed friends) to track down its location.

    But what if you left it somewhere else, or worse, it was stolen? iHound features a handy map on their website which display's your phone's last known location. You can also send messages to it alerting the person on the other end how to return it.

    One caveat: for the location service to work, the iHound app hast to have been opened by a user.  Apple doesn't allow apps to run in the background so iHound can't send GPS info automatically all the time. In theory, a person would hear your phone's alarm, pick it up and slide the unlock button to turn off the noise. When they do this, the application launches and transmits the phone's location. But if nobody hears the phone (like it's on mute), the application doesn't start and the feature won't work.

    Still, most people lose their phone around the house more than it gets stolen so think of it as a helpful bit of insurance.

    IHOUND $2.99 for the app and $10.99 a year for the service. $14 may save a lot of frustration in the future.