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Three Magic Words: Rejuvenation Starter Kit



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    BEAM ME UP: Two months of eating, shopping and cocktailing has taken its toll. Which is why the words Rejuvenation Starter Kit sound like music to our ears. We'll try anything to get back that rosy glow we had before Thanksgiving, and rumor has it that ANSR, created by Oregon Aesthetic Technologies of Portland, is a good place to start.

    ANSR's "scientifically proven light therapy technology" (fancy sounding, eh?) reduces lines and redness, firms sagging eyelids, and promotes a radiant complexion. All which sounds especially useful after New Year's Eve revelry

    WHAT PRICE BEAUTY:ANSR may well be effective, and it'll cost you. The Starter Kit is $195 -- but rejuvenation might worth it. At Fred Segal stores, or at