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A Silver Lake Shop's New Book



    NEW BOOK: We all should and do support our local LA shops. So any time a new book debuts that is associated with a shop, well, what can we say? March right out and investigate. The latest lovely tome we are looking at is "Treasured Notions," which just showed up on shelves on April 7. The local connection? Author Kaari Meng helms French General, the Silver Lake store devoted to notions and beads and vintage crafts and teaching people the art of vintage crafts. Two quick things: French General is open on Mondays, if you want to visit, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. And two, Ms. Meng points out the shop is located more in Frogtown than Silver Lake. Frogtown! A magical nook. "TREASURED NOTIONS": The book celebrates the Tinsel Trading Company and gorgeous craftery. Get it for $24.95.