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    Peter Fish, besides having a great name, has a great take on our Golden State and has for years. And years. He's Mr. Sunset magazine, and whatever the travel writer likes we're all bound to like a few months after.

    Which means that we took happy pause at seeing that Mr. Fish has recently edited new book that's all about California, top to bottom, shore to summit. Sunset's touting it, as it should; "California's Best" includes pieces by John Muir, Mark Twain, and Joan Didion, just to name of the few bigwigs.

    There's a lot to say about our state. We'll even go out on a limb -- California Redwood, of course -- and say that few states get talked about the way our state does. Which is fine by us. We just want to keep up on what everyone's been saying, and Peter Fish's collection looks like an excellent place to start.

    Via Barnes & Noble, $13.64