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Let's Be Frank Devil Sauce



    Relishes are relished for many reasons. But probably for their ability to be so many things to so many different dishes. Truly a virtue in the condiment universe.

    We also relish finding a topping that has some unusual elements. We'll never refuse chopped up pickle and saucy vinegars, but when ginger and garlic come into play, we're grabbing a spoon to eat it the stuff straight from the jar.

    Ginger and garlic are two of the major components in Devil Sauce from Let's Be Frank. The all-beef hot-doggery has been getting the love for its trucks and tastes, and rightly so. But we wanted to give props to one wicked relish, an add-on that suits a high-end weiner or anything else from the between-two-buns family. It's $9.50, and you can order, via email, here.