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    "LOST" ON STAGE: So, about the whole "Lost" PaleyFest night, which is happening on Saturday, February 27th. Sold. Out. So sold out that we'll write "Sold. Out." for emphasis. It sold out fast, because, well. A lot of the cast'll be there. The creators'll be there. And we suspect that the evening got sold out in some sort of time-space thingamabob, where tickets were sold out before they even went on sale. Did Ben have a hand in this? Anywho, this isn't the first time all the "Lost"ians have gone PaleyFest. They've been before, back at the 2005 PaleyFest, and there is a DVD, and we suggest getting it if you're wishing you could be at the February 27th event. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SMOKE MONSTER? See the Q&A, via a PaleyFest DVD, for $19.95.