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Top 3 Weekend Sales



    We know, deep down, you are one-part Adam Lambert, one-part Carol Brady and one-part Kanye West. Don't deny it. Each of these sales has one of your personalities covered.


    Rock & Republic Warehouse Sale
    Good For: Rocker-looking guys and gals who want to feel tough in sexy, tight and usually black jeans, jackets and mini-skirts.
    Magic Words: 50-80% off.
    Be There: Fri, Sat, Sun @ 10202 W. Washington Blvd.

    Lost & Found Vintage Blowout Sale
    Good For: Those who feel best wearing members only jackets, neon, concert tees and polyester.
    Magic Words: 3,000 pieces for $5 each.
    Be There: Sat, Sun @ 408 N Ave 65, Highland Park

    Creative Recreation Sample Sale
    Good For: People who get their kicks from kicks. Colorful, cool ones.
    Magic Words: Shoes. For. 70%. Off.
    Be There: Fri, Sat, Sun @ 7753 Melrose Ave.