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A Nice Julian Stay (and Apple Pie, Too)

Want a classic local dessert with your night at the inn?



    A Nice Julian Stay (and Apple Pie, Too)
    Julian Gold Rush Hotel
    Want an apple pie with your night at the inn? The Julian Gold Rush Hotel has a sweet-flavored special.

    "APPLE PIE," which is a very easy name to remember, and if you book it you'll receive "a voucher for fresh-made apple pie or two slices of pie a la mode at one of our local pie shops," advises the hotel's online HQ. And while historic inns like this one do offer cookies or other treats to guests, a way to enjoy apple pie is a rarer thing. There are other lovely perks to the special, including afternoon tea, so read all and see if that suits your potential Julian stay. A stay which will, of course, involve the consuming of cinnamon-y apples encased in a flaky crust, so the question is this: Would you like to have a voucher for that treat from the hotel where you're staying? Fall is on the horizon and pondering road-tripping to Julian, and how apple pie may best be procured, involves some deep and thorough decision-making.

    THE RATE... opens at $150, and there are some asterisks to become appie'd about. Or, rather, we mean apprised.