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A Trip Back to Vintage Anaheim

History-mad entertainer Charles Phoenix returns to the Disneyland of yore.



    THERE'S A MOVIE... or television show or book built around the whimsy and wonder of time travel, ohhh. Every month? Every week? It's a frequent phenomenon, because one thing is for sure: We humans are enchanted by the idea. We'd love to take a peek at the past, if only for a few hours, and see how things were. And while some may claim this idea is pure fable, never to be, we say it isn't: There's a place you can go to, in Orange County, where it is still 1955. And 1968. And 1982. It's Disneyland, of course, and if you've been inside the park, when the light is just right, and the band is playing, you can almost believe you'll see Walt himself stroll out of Main Street's penny arcade, hands in pockets.

    MERE WISH-MAKING? It is not. Events where people dress in vintage togs and head into the park -- Dapper Days, the events are called -- are becoming more and more popular, and furthering the time-travel feel. Still, do you need to see comparisons between then and now? Entertainer Charles Phoenix can happily oblige. The history-focused presentation-of-slides maestro is packing is slide projector and heading to Anaheim's Loara School on Sunday, May 25.

    AND INSIDE THE PROJECTOR? Kitsch-sweet slides depicting the Disneyland of the 1950s and '60s in eye-popping Kodachrome. Will you be in the photographs? Waving from Dumbo? Boarding the train? Waiting to enter Pirates of the Caribbean? Or maybe you'll spy your mom or granddad? It happens, at Mr. Phoenix's slideshows, that people recognize themselves. He'll feature snapshots of attractions gone by and some that still exist, too, because while Disneyland definitely serves as a trip to the past, it isn't static nor is it trapped in amber. Ready, Mouseketeers? Tickets are $35 each.