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An Afternoon with Matthew Weiner



    MR. WEINER SPEAKS: For all of those fans who just. Cannot. Wait. For Paleyfest to kick off in, oh, about three weeks, here's a stay-sated goodie: Matthew Weiner, creator of "Mad Men," will be speaking at the Granada in Santa Barbara on Sunday, Feb. 13. It's an afternoon event, in case you have Valentine's Eve to-dos going on later in the day, note. Also note that you are invited to come in a "Mad Men"-esque costume.

    TICKETS: A general is $28. Also note that Jon Hamm, who is pictured with Mr. Weiner above, is not expected to show. But shouldn't he thought? Since they know each other and all? We're just saying. Jon Hamm, if you're in Santa Barbara, think it over. But Hamm'd or not, go if you love the show. The show runner is a famously chatty and story-filled guy, so it'll be a sparkler of a time out.