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Avocado Aficionados Go Carpinteria

Carp's creamiest moment is deliciously due.



    Avocado Aficionados Go Carpinteria
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    Carpinteria's creamiest moment is deliciously due over the first weekend in October.

    BEING A LARGE AFFAIR... means there's lots beyond the famous pear in question, from live music to guacamole-making contests to a competition to brandish the largest avocado (we'll guess it is no match, in size, for those colossal pumpkins heading for weigh-in at Half Moon Bay in October, but still, a big avocado is to be applauded). There shall be many a vendor, too, selling both the avocado in its natural, just-plucked-from-the-branch form to ice creams and dips and more. How is your favorite way to take it? In an omelet, a club sandwich, in a burrito, or all of the above? The infinitely pleasing avo really can show up inside most any dish and the dish'll be elevated, instantly. This Carp party -- there's an avocado confab in Fallbrook, too, in the springtime -- is almost three decades along, which makes it venerable on the fruit festival scene. Of course, every avocado worshiper might describe his or her love for the foodstuff as long-lasting and true-blue -- er, true-green -- too. So keep on truckin', Avofest; your longevity suits your star food well.