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Bacon Gets Creative at the Queen Mary

Want to see strips turned into edible art? Head for Long Beach.



    BEYOND THE STRIP: How many different ways have you enjoyed bacon? In strip form, next to a pair of fried eggs? In strip form, atop a BLT sandwich? In strip form, next to a stack of hotcakes? And, to be different, crumbled into small bits and sprinkled atop salads? Yeah. We hear you. For as much as a person avows they adore the salty meatstuff, they can continue to enjoy it in some pretty predictable ways. Nothing wrong with that, of course; even predictable bacon tends to be pretty good bacon. But what if there was a festival where whimsical creations involve the star of the morning meal ruled? What if creative cooks cast an eye upon the traditional strip and dreamed huger dreams? Such a place, or event rather, exists. It landed in San Diego in early July, and it sizzles at the Queen Mary on the first Saturday in August. It's the Big Bacon Fest, and it is where bacon buffs go to see the future of the breakfast staple.

    LUNCH SESSION, DINNER SESSION: You have two different windows to get your bacon on during the day on Saturday, Aug. 2. Both will feature chefs doing their bacon-iest best and both will have craft brews at the ready. Make that many fancy foams, given that beer is one of the stars of the day (alongside bacon). There's also a competition afoot for cooks who think they know their crispy-edged stuff, and pro, amateur, and child chef categories'll bring the whimsical and wacky and tasty offerings. But best jump on those tickets, bacon buffs: Over 4,000 strip-savoring people showed at the Del Mar affair. An affair that saw popcorn-meets-bacon creations, and bacon-meets-chocolate-peanut-butter-cups, and bacon-topped cupcakes. You tucking in that bib now and swearing to think beyond the two crispy strips? Then chomp -- we mean click -- here.