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Charles Phoenix Hearts LA Architecture

The funny history-loving smartie takes on our whimsical structures.



    BUILDINGS OF EVERY STRIPE: Rolling into the holidays, Los Angeles-style? We love it, for 79 different reasons, but a main one is this: Photos of the Witches' House, the pointy-topped fairy tale cottage that's been Hanseling-and-Greteling-up Beverly Hills for decades now, pop up everywhere. And those photos remind us how great houses are here in Southern California. Heck, how great all kinds of structures are. The Theme Building? Walt Disney Concert Hall? The Gamble House? Your house? All amazing. Aaaaand, yes. Indeed. Quite: Architecture in our area leans, well. Funky. It's frequently outlandish and it often causes onlookers to put fingers to head and scratch. Thank goodness, though, that we have Charles Phoenix to fight the good and charming fight on this matter, though. The vintage slide-collecting Mr. Phoenix is a fan of SoCaliana, no doubt about it. And he looooves, multiple o's required, the look, appearance, and vibe of LA. So much so that he is setting out with his projector to present "Architecture in LA" in a trio Golden State cities in November and February.

    THOSE INCLUDE... Pasadena, Claremont, and Palm Springs (yep, the brightly suited retro-awesome smartie'll be talking it up at Modernism Week in February). "Mid-century architectural gems of the past" are promised in Mr. Phoenix's slide show, so prepare yourself: You just might see grandma's house in the bunch. But, if you're less of a building buff and more into decorations, take heart. The speaker's Holiday Show will return as well, and there are multiple stops ahead, including Riverside and San Francisco. Retro goodies, glittery surprises, and tinsel-sparkly bon bons await within the images Mr. Phoenix arrives with.