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Fab Photo Contest: The Flower Fields

Crazy for the colorful Carlsbad destination? Show your bud love.



    COMMON SIGHT: What's the thing you're most apt to see at Carlsbad's famous Flower Fields come April? Nope, not bees, or other flitting flying creatures, although they're around (it's like they can read the sign outside that says "The Flower Fields" or something). Not sun hats, either, although they are plentiful. You're even apt to see the occasional parasol, out among the pretty ranunculus petals. Give up? You know the answer: cameras. Photographic equipment, whether it's a smart phone or a full-on, lens-heavy, serious tripod set-up, are common sights at the springtime-gorgeous destination. That's because the rows and rows (and rows and rows) of pink and yellow and red flowers, backed against the soft blue sky that the ocean-y community delivers, make for great pictures. But wait -- does "great" go far enough, really? When The Flower Fields are fully in bloom, as they tend to be come April, every picture is THE picture, or nearly. People frame them, share them, and submit them to contests. Wait. Did we say "contests" right then?

    WE DID: It so happens that The Flower Fields and Canon have a photo contest on. The delightful deal? Upload a fab photo or video to Facebook, where a winner'll be chosen weekly by the community. Weekly winners nab two season passes for next year and the grand prize winner? Ohhh yeahhh, a $250 Canon gift card from Oceanside Photo & Telescope. That is nothing to sniff at (unless you're sniffing a pretty flower). The question is whether you'll keep sharing your spectacular photos of the fields with friend or whether you go for a bigger prize -- passes or a photo-nice gift card. Yep, you'll be back next year, snapping more pics when the ranunculus do their hue-amazing act, as they do each April.