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Fast Fall Fidos: Dachshund Races

The wee tail-waggers are a beloved sight at Huntington Beach's Oktoberfest.



    Fast Fall Fidos: Dachshund Races
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    Dachshunds'll dash, with aplomb, at Old World "every Sunday during Oktoberfest." See 'em go from Sept. 11 through Oct. 30, 2016.

    OKTOBERFEST ON APPROACH... can mean a number of different things, depending upon how you mark the late-summer-into-fall festivity. Maybe it means you finally get a chance to don your dirndl again, the one that has hung in its dry-cleaning bag at the back of the closet since November. Maybe it means you can dig into some schnitzel, or enjoy a foamy beer, or participate in the Chicken Dance, or some combination of all three. And maybe, just maybe, we mean probably, or rather definitely, the return of Oktoberfest promises the return of everyone's favorite wee tail-waggers, the racing Dachshunds of Old World. The Huntington Beach destination has long been the HQ for all things oompah come September and October, and the sweet and stout-of-legged races are one of the centerpieces of the season. If you've been in the mood to quaff a German lager and chow down on potato dumplings before cheering on the adorable and fleet Fidos, get stoked: Oktoberfest, and the famous Dachshund races, are nearly here.

    SEPT. 11 THROUGH OCT. 30... are the 2016 dates, and while certain happenings fall on certain nights (Party Night, Family Night, Kinderfest), the Dachshund Wiener Dog Races happen from 3 to 4 p.m. every Sunday. That's every Sunday during Oktoberfest, and monthly when the autumntime celebration isn't in session. Ready to cheer on your puply pick? Eat some sausage? Join a light-hearted competition or sway along to the sound of the tuba? Follow the barks and brass to Huntington Beach starting on the second Sunday in September.