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Festival of Whales Swims into Dana Point

Mammalian majesty is the stirring theme of the two-weekend bash.



    Festival of Whales Swims into Dana Point
    Dana Point Festival of Whales
    Whales on land?! Well, at least in the sweet parade that's one centerpiece of the Dana Point Festival of Whales. Join the fun on March 5, 6, 12, and 13.

    IF YOU MADE THE CLAIM... that the sight of a whale's back emerging suddenly from the surface of the ocean didn't make you squeal, or shout with excitement, or squee, well, few people would believe you. In a world and time where all things are available, from the delivery of hard-to-find books, straight to your door, to weather reports for the smallest of burgs located across the globe, it is difficult to pinpoint those sights that still summon a sigh. The surprise sighting of a whale's blowhole, or fluke, absolutely qualifies, for any whale watcher knows such a sight is not guaranteed. If this is you -- if you unleash the exclamation points upon seeing one of the earth's largest living creatures -- then quite obviously you need more whale goodness in your life. One way to get it, even if you never set the sole of your top-sider upon a boat the whole time you're there, is at Dana Point's annual Festival of Whales. Of course, if you want to join a whale-watching excursion, you absolutely should, since late winter is still very much in the thick of the yearly gray migration. But many whale-y pursuits'll happen on terra firma, including a tribute to a gray whale named Lily, a marine mammal lecture series, an Ocean Awareness Day happening, and more merry mammal stuff centered around everyone's favorite water-dwelling superstar.

    BUT THERE'S SO MUCH MORE... beyond those great events, from the Clam Chowder Cook-Off to a SoCal Woodies show to the famous Festival of Whales parade, which gets the two-weekend party going. Those two weekends are March 5-6 and March 12-13, leaving you plenty of time to both enjoy the doings on land, from the parade to the chowder to the art to the cars, and to book a ride on a boat, if you want some time out on the glorious Pacific. Will you squeal, though, when you see a whale? Even if you've seen 45 in your life time? Count on it: You likely will. And "45" wasn't a random reference on our part; this is year 45 for the Festival of Whales, which is one of the best-known whale-lovin' larks on all of the West Coast.