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Happy 40th, Ojai Art in the Park

The creative community starts the summer with a grand, look-around, buy-something-beautiful bash.

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    Joe Virnig
    The creative community starts the summer with a grand, look-around, buy-something-beautiful bash on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28.

    ARTISTIC INSPIRATION: Locating the stunning sources of creative, get-the-juices-flowing inspiration around Ojai? All you practically need to do is step outside. From the citrus-bright hues of the famous local fruit to the Pink Moment, that instant each night when the sky takes on the briefest, deepest blush, Ojai is positively loaded with gorgeous visuals. But are there more tangerines on an especially robust tree come the spring, or are there more interesting buildings and doors and streets and hills around the Ventura County city? That's a tough one, for sure, but there's no need to count tangerines, or interesting buildings, when you can spend a sizable chunk of Memorial Day Weekend perusing a whole plethora of artworks with loads of local oomph. Yes, Ojai aficionados, it is time again for Art in the Park, that yearly celebration of a "...rich mixture of works in a variety of mediums." It's the...

    40TH ANNUAL CELEBRATION, and, once again, Libbey Park will be the sweet setting. The dates are Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28, and 100 fine arts exhibits will be on view. Also an important element of the day? The entertainment, which covers everything from DJ tunes to Bollywood dance. This is truly a locals-lovely, community-cool kind of art deal, and making it all the cooler is the fact that "the oldest non-profit art center in California," the Ojai Art Center, is at the helm. So, will you finally come across the ultimate Pink Moment painting? Or the perfect snapshot of the perfect bowl of citrus? Or something else completely surprising and not even really related to la vida Ojai? It could happen. After all, when a town has so much artistic inspiration to be found, in all corners, the sky is the limit for local artists, whether it happens to be pink or not.