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Lee Unkrich's Bay Area Faves



    RECOMMENDATIONS: There are several people one can get travel suggestions from. A relative, or a friend, who knows the area being visited, are both fine. But we feel an Oscar winner, and a Pixar director, just maaaybe has the inside track on some truly outlandish finds, or quirky must-dos. Maybe? We don't think we're wrong here. Director Lee Unkrich was just on the 83rd Oscars -- "Toy Story 3" won Best Animated Feature, but then you surely know that -- and he's now revealed a few San Francisco favorites to the California Travel and Tourism people.

    MUSEE MECHANIQUE: We just know Mr. Unkrich has a soft spot for Laffing Sal, like all visitors to this quaint, old-school penny arcade do. He also recommends Oakland's Children's Fairyland and Alcatraz as two interesting outings. Check out his full five picks here.