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Mom Loves Baseball



    Mom Loves Baseball
    Raul Landeros

    MOM'S DAY: Sometimes people can lose sight of just what Mother's Day means. It is truly Mother's Day, as in her day, not some overstuffed holiday with a one-size-fits-all mentality. If your mom loves to devour peanuts and get casual and lend very loud vocal support to batters, then she needs to go to a ballpark on Mother's Day. And if you want to really do it up, Omni San Diego has a package on called A League of Her Own, which includes an overnight at the Petco Park-close hotel. 

    HOLIDAY HAPS: Mom and her plus one will stay overnight in "luxurious accommodations." She'll score two tickets to the Padres-Diamondbacks game on Sunday, May 8. There will be a brunch involved (because, okay, Mother's Day sort of has to involve brunch, but that's okay, because brunch makes everything better; it's like a food law). And she'll depart with the DVD that inspired the package's name. Now, it is up to you; will you say "there's no crying in baseball," all Tom Hanks-like, several times leading up to Mother's Day? One has to when talking about the film, right? Again, it's like some sort of movie law (and we never disobey movie law). Prices for the Omni package start at $209. Batter up, indeed.