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Mountain Snow: People Are Literally Dancing (Literally)

They're leaping and grooving at Yosemite and Mammoth Mountain.



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    Tenaya Lodge
    It's a leap for snowy, snowy joy at Tenaya Lodge on Tuesday, April 7.

    WE MEAN, honestly now. Sometimes people can exaggerate when describing extreme emotions. They either laughed so much their sides split (probably not really) or they busted a gut (didn't happen) or they giggled so hard they fell out of their chair (maybe, maybe not). But sometimes sheer mirth at a situation, an anticipated, much-desired, please-please-happen situation, can overtake the soul and the body in rather wonderful ways. So if you hear the news that people up around Tenaya Lodge, just south of Yosemite National Park, and on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain were actually jumping for joy and dancing because of an April snowstorm, you can believe the reports. Why? Because there is video to back it up. Snow's been on the very light side this drought-extreme winter, so that the spring storm is delivering on the flake front is making people, well... ecstatic seems a pretty descriptive word, and pretty dang apt. Mammoth is reporting ten to eighteen inches and, as of the afternoon of April 7, it's "still falling," so if you want to head up for a weekend of mid-April skiing, you're in luck.

    FOR NOW, though, you can actually watch people leaping and shaking their stuff -- including Mammoth's mascot mammoth -- in these two videos, both posted on social media on April 7. The top video hails from the ski resort and the second from Tenaya Lodge, which is west and south across the Sierra. Snow!

    Tenaya Snow

    Our guests are excited to see it snowing here at Tenaya Lodge!

    Posted by Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite on Tuesday, 7 April 2015