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Movie Mondays + Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Watch classics, for free, in Costa Mesa.



    Movie Mondays + Segerstrom Center for the Arts
    Doug Gifford
    The tenth season of free Movie Mondays opens at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa on Monday, July 11.

    CINEMA UNDER THE SKY: It's right around the middle of June when many people long to find a film to watch that isn't playing inside four walls and under a roof. That film might be at an old-school drive-in, the kind that you wear your jam-jams to, or it could be projected on a sheet in your backyard. Wherever it is you're longing for some stars above, and cooler nighttime temperatures, and a few breezes to change up your usual movie-viewing experience. It's a most excellent thing, then, that Southern California offers so many get-outside, spread-out-a-blanket cinema nights, nights that can land in parks, on beaches, and even in the occasional cemetery. And sometimes, every so often, an alfresco film event takes place where a lot of other performance happens, performance that covers a glorious gamut (ballet, song, readings, drama, and such). The Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa is just that gamut-runner, and each July it welcomes a few celluloid treats onto its calendar. And that calender will open on...

    JULY 11... with a screening of "Grease." You got it, summer-lovin' cineastes: Movie Mondays, that free, decade-along event, is back. There are a quartet of flicks that'll follow the Olivia Newton John-John Travolta classic, including "Selena," "Elf," "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," and "Labyrinth." The Arts Plaza is the location, there shall be food trucks, or you can pack a picnic if you like. You can still search out a beach flick, or hang a sheet screen in your backyard, but heading to a place that treasures the performing tradition for your outdoor movie enjoyment is as satisfying as biting into the perfect piece of perfectly salted popcorn.