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New Holiday Hotline: Napa Valley's Domaine Carneros

Have a bubbly query? Ring the sparkling wine hotline.



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    Sparkling wine and the sparkling season are a longtime pairing, but do you know what's what? Questions about bubbly may be directed to the new Domaine Carneros Sparkling Holiday Hotline.

    A NEW NUMBER FOR HOLIDAY HELP: The invention of the phone brought many a fine and necessary thing to our world. Dial-A-Joke was once all the har-har rage, as was the inspirational quote of the day. But few phone-'em-up features have been as lasting, and as charmingly nostalgic, as seasonal food-oriented hotlines. It's still a simple, straightforward, and highly excellent idea: If you have an issue with something you're cooking for the big holiday party, and you need advice from an expert, you can call a special phone number and get somebody on the horn who can guide you through the steps before your casserole or cookies or cocktails go flat. Sure, we could phone a relative or a friend, but being able to get someone on the line at Butterball, when it comes to our turkey, is major. Also major, and brand-new to the holiday hotline scene? A number to call regarding that cork-topped, fizzy-fun drink that can be sipped on its own or with a few other lively ingredients. We speak of sparkling wine, a common and classy sight around Thanksgiving and December party tables, and there's a new Sparkling Holiday Hotline to lend our libations life. And it comes from...

    DOMAINE CARNEROS... no less. The prestigious Napa Valley wine maker debuted its call-us-we'll-help line near the beginning of November, and it is already fielding calls on all things bubbly. Is a Brut too dry to sip alongside a dry stuffing? Should a sparkling wine cocktail come before or after the wine? And is it okay to have half a glass before the guests show up? (Okay, that probably isn't a common question, but many a host has wondered.) The Domaine Carneros line is open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., save Thanksgiving and Christmas, and founding winemaker Eileen Crane, who has over three and a half decades of sparkling wine expertise, may just answer your call. Somebody knowledgeable will, though, meaning that your cork-topped addition to the holiday dinner is in good hands, both on your end of the line and theirs.

    AS FOR THAT NUMBER?800.716.BRUT800.716.BRUT will get you through to the sparkling-wine-o-logist you need.