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New: Wine Fest Los Olivos

The wine country town, known for its tasting rooms, gets its first dedicated vino party.



    New: Wine Fest Los Olivos
    Tenley Fohl Photography
    It has the tasting rooms and charms, for sure. Now Los Olivos gets its own wine festival. Sip and enjoy the atmos, on Saturday, Feb. 28. (Photo: Tenley Fohl Photography)

    WELL, THE END OF FEBRUARY... as in the very last day, so, nope, it isn't happening in the thick of wintertime. (Let's be honest: The end of February around Santa Barbara County would count as the middle of spring in a lot of other areas.) Saturday, Feb. 28 is the date, "An intriguing Mystery Tour is also part of the fun!," and a Reidel Master Glass seminar will go down (and down various hatches, too, we imagine). A general admission ticket ahead of time is sixty five bucks -- that's bumped up by a tenner on the day-of -- so if you daydream of Los Olivos wine tasting with a festival, wine-tasting-plus element, and you fancy a day spent with the goods grown in the rolly-hilled area, then your February will end on a very fine note. Is it gloating, by the by, to say that the end of winter 'round Santa Barbara's wine growers is springlike? (Yes, probably, but gloatable things can be true, too.)