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Newport Dunes Tradition: Lighting of the Bay

Glittery "trees" will reflect water, starting on Saturday, Nov. 29.



    Newport Dunes Tradition: Lighting of the Bay
    Lighting of the Bay
    The Lighting of the Bay at Newport Dunes is a water-reflective sight anticipated by many a local. But the flip-switching? It's grown into an all-day thing. Be there on Saturday, Nov. 29.

    AN ICE SCULPTURE WONDERLAND: Visitors can wander among the pieces created by sculptor Roland Hernandez, or hop a Polar Express train that's running throughout the day around the resort, or watch a "choir off" between two local high schools, or take in all of the above. A screening of "Polar Express" shall go down on the beach -- that's an interesting meeting of snow and sand -- and Santa will arrive, by paddleboard, for the 6 p.m. turning on of the water trees. Shouldn't Santa always travel by paddleboard around the OC's paddleboard-laden harbors? It's way local, is the thing, but so is a decoration reflecting its SoCal surroundings. Sometimes, quite literally.