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OC Fair Headliners

The Costa Mesa party is known for drawing some major names.



    ABOUT THE QUESTION EVERYONE ASKS... Does a concert ticket get you into the fair itself? Why yes it does, in fact, and you're likely to see several of your co-fans wearing their band t-shirts and riding the Ferris wheel earlier in the day. Meaning that is always our big tip for OC Fair concert goers, beyond enjoying the Pacific Amphitheatre: Arrive early. Way early, like afternoon or even morning early, and make a day of it. How often do we get to relax before a concert? It is always rush-rush-rush to make the showtime. But eating ice cream and having a brew and basking in some OC-style rays well before the tunes start? That sounds a-ok by us. The OC Fair is on from Friday, July 13 through Sunday, Aug. 12.